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June 28, 2017 by cijprinters


     Regardless of your needs when it comes to printing and printing machines, you can count on CIJ Printers to offer you amazing quality, high-speed and low-cost services. Whether you are in need of various handheld systems, you are looking for laser marking and inkjet coding; we have all of the high tech and latest tools available in the printing world today to help you get the job done both quickly and efficiently. All you have to do is call us to go over your requirements, and we will gladly put together a pricing estimate for the work to be done.

Industrial Inkjet Printing Services

     When you want to be able to set yourself apart from all of the rest in your field, you need to have high quality, industrial level printing capabilities to get you there. CIJ Printers have the professional knowledge and skill to bring you the more advanced inkjet printers available that will give you the power and quality that you need to put into every application. We know that you need reliability as well, so we are glad to take the time to troubleshoot and service any of the industrial printers that you receive from us.

Precision Laser Marking Systems

     When it comes to laser marking systems, we take a vast amount of pride in the workmanship and reliability that we offer our customers. Not only do we offer in-house or on-site training, but we will also be there with consultations, free installations and will make sure that everything is up and running as it should be. To give you further peace of mind, we also offer fully comprehensive warranties on all of the products that we sell.

     Call us today at CIJ Printing, and we will be able to send someone out to your location to go over your needs so that we may determine how we may serve you best.


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