Needham Coding Ltd for Best Laser Marking Systems

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April 25, 2017 by cijprinters

Are you looking for the best laser marking systems? Well, Needham coding Ltd is here to solve all your laser system needs. Needham coding ltd is a branch of the renowned Needham group. The enterprise was founded in 1962 and has a rich history in the coding technology sector in the UK. From laser etching machines, coding and marking systems, to ink development Needham coding Ltd undeniably sets itself apart as an excellent specialist in delivery and support of industrial marking systems and engravings machines. Why are they the best? Why are they better than their competition?

Reliability and affordability

Needham coding Ltd is keen to use sophisticated technology to give you the best laser marking systems in the market. They only distribute inkjets from reliable and certified brands. A brand must prove that their specialists are knowledgeable, and their produces are subjected to a rigorous prototyping before high volume manufacturing. They are cautious to ensure what they sell is not only reliable but also affordable.

Exceptional customer care

To them, you are more than a client; they strive to foster a healthy relationship with clients. They also offer equipment installation for customers and also offer free expert consultations. If you have a problem with your systems, you can easily call them for assistance. Their experts are knowledgeable and will solve most problems over the phone. However, if the problem is too complicated to solve over the phone, Needham will send an engineer to do it for you. How much will that cost you? Well, clients only pay for time spent on-site, and their engineers work fast to ensure their hourly rate is extremely competitive. What’s more, Needham coding Ltd doesn’t want you to feel exploited or cheated. Thus, they also give their clients a three-year warranty to give them peace of mind in case of damage. Read more information about CIJ Printers come visit our site.


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