Importance of Top Quality Printing

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January 26, 2017 by cijprinters

4.jpgImportance of Printing Quality

It doesn’t matter what type of printing that is being down for your business you want to make sure the printing is top quality. No matter if it is your business cards being printed, an advertising pamphlet or a large banner you want it to be the best quality it can be. The reason top quality is important is the print job represents your business. If you have things printed at a lesser quality, then potential clients will think your own product is lesser quality. That is why it is so important to pay for top quality printing.

Ink Jet Printing

For things such as broachers and posters ink jet printing is perfect. You want a printing method that is going to be cost efficient while still providing top quality. With ink jet printing the print has tanks with ink in it. Some top prints have upwards of twenty-six tanks. These tanks mix the ink as it lays it down on the paper. This ensures vibrant and accurate colors. Also, since it is actual ink being applied to the surface it provides a lot higher quality then typical laser jet printing.

Laser Printing

If you are seeking a printing option that will stand out, then you might want to go the laser printing route. Laser printing uses an actually laser which cuts into the surface of what you are using to print on. You can print onto glass, metal, or even wood. Since it is cutting into the surface and making an etching laser printing makes a three dimensional effect. This is great for big events if you want to leave an impression. You can have your company logo cut into a piece of glass and hang it where everyone can see.

What is right for you?

The choice to go with top quality ink jet printing or laser printing comes down to cost and purpose. If you are getting a lot of things printed you want to go with the cheaper route. However, if you are getting one banner printed then you might want to consider the more impressive route and have it laser printed onto a piece of glass or metal.

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