Citronix Continuous Inkjet Printers Guide

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October 26, 2016 by cijprinters

ci3200Intro and Info about the Website

This website belongs to a company known as Needham Coding and was first made in the year of 1962. They state on their website that their main goal is to simply bring down the printing cost for their customers as well as help bring up the efficiency and profit for their customers. This company attempts to reach this goal by supplying their consumers with MapleJet High Resolution and Citronix Continuous Ink Jet Printing Systems printers. They try their best to supply these tools to their customers at an extremely low and affordable cost while ensuring their customers that they will get the finest of results when using their products, it’s quite a good deal for those in the printing business.

Details on the Citronix Continuous Inkjet Printers

These printers are also go by CIJ for short. These printers are described to use a non-contact way to bring in ink and the range that we use can be used so that we are able to print onto any type of surface. For several years many upgrades and improvements have can on this line of printing system, this is most likely due to the wide range of success it had through out it’s years. This printing system is promised a two year warranty and also is said to be designed to put in identity marks on the products it prints and is said to already be used in several forms of industries from health care to food and beverage related businesses.

Conclusion of the Company

This company does a great job explaining the printing system products they offer to you. They go be each line explaining their history and uses letting you know what you are getting. This is a definite most for those in the printing business. Read more about CIJ Printers come visit us at


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