Continuous Inkjet Printing and Coding

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June 28, 2016 by cijprinters

2For more than 30 years, continuous inkjet (CIJ) printing has been useful in marking and coding products and packages. More than 80 percent of coding application in industries is executed through CIJ technology because it is versatile (can print on almost any surface) and simple to install.

How it works
The working of a CIJ printer is aided by a high-pressure pump, which directs ink to a gunbody designed with a microscopic nozzle. The nozzle then splashes ink droplets in a continuous flow on the surface to be printed. At the same time, a piezoelectric crystal forms a wave while vibrating in unison with the gunbody at a rate of 65,000 to 164,000 drops per second. Additionally, there are charged electrodes, whose purpose is to create a field so the droplets can be passed through the electrostatic field, thereby creating multi-charged droplets and different deflection angles depending on the charge a drop is exposed to. Drops that do not pass through the electromagnetic field are directed back to the reservoir for reuse.

Key benefits
Continuous inkjet printing prints clear graphics and text that is easy to read. This enables product identification on different substrates, metal, rubber or plastic.

High speed printing
The charged electrodes can be adjusted to create a stronger electromagnetic field. The more charged the paint droplets are, the greater the deflection. This results to high velocity droplets and a high drop ejection frequency, thereby allowing faster printing.

Non contact printing
Another advantage of CIJ printing is its non contact property, which allows printing on uneven surfaces. You are able to produce high quality prints even when the surface is not furnished and even.

The drop head of a CIJ Printers is self-cleaning, so the quality of prints is high and this technology saves you time since you do not need to replace or clean the print nozzle from time to time.


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